Lets make this world better

Why does hate exist? ! 
I think this crying world needs some rest! 
Don’t you think that life is hard? ! 
To live and survive through all this hazard! 

Don’t you think that life is weird? ! 
Some are fighting in wars
Suffering.. feeling so much pain of bleeding scars
While others are singing, dancing & drunk in bars! 

Don’t you think it’s funny? ! 
that everything is going bad.. nothing goes fine
People are killed & others are tasting the nectar wine

I can’t bare the changes
Of the world’s temperamental stages! 
I can’t believe the darkness of man’s heart
I guess they should be all blocked in cages! 

Don’t you think that life is tough? ! 
People are too greedy they never get enough! 

Where are your feelings people.. why are you so cold? ! 
when will we live in peace? 
When will you throw the sword? 

When will we feel those fears
Of innocent children living in nightmares & fears? ! 

How can you ever feel the pleasure
Out of seeing other people’s suffer? ! 

All this hatred for a stolen land? ! 
When will you people understand? ! 
why are you all so passive..
no one wants to offer a helping hand! 

Don’t you feel the shame? 
But it’s not the time to blame
It’s time to get together.. why are we enemies? ! 
Can’t we just live like sisters & brothers? 
All the world come together.. come together
Lets make this world better..